Edina Hakze

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  • Interim Manager of the Year 2006/2007 Nominee

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    Welcome to my website.

    Successful in both Operations and PMO/Programme management.

    Here you can view my experience and look in more detail at my successes and the companies
    I've worked for and even see some things that make me smile.


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About me

Born and raised in Liverpool England and make no apology for having the regional sense of humour, particularly when things get pompous.

Married to Bart a Dutch Sea Captain with whom I have traveled throughout Holland and seen very many tulips and windmills and eaten cheese in the strangest of dishes. I am always amazed at what a beautiful country it is and how friendly the people are.

  • You’ll notice how I traveled on land and by air but not by sea, I get sea sick looking at his photo’s.

Presently I own 2 cats, I stray kitten whom I genuinely tried to find a home for, well for about 15 mins :), a foster cat called Lucy who has a home to go to in May and two rescued rabbits George who is the bossiest rabbit EVER and Chica who is a gentle soul.  I  have owned and loved several cats, dogs and ferrets throughout my life and when working away I am delighted if I find find hotels or pubs with pets to stroke.

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