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  • Interim Manager of the Year 2006/2007 Nominee

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Ian Hewett, Operation Director.

Thanks to Edina’s oversight of the national delivery process RPA successfully achieved the regulatory and published payment targets for SPS 2006, against a backdrop of falling short of both targets in respect of the 2005 scheme.  Under Edina’s management of the 2007 SPS RPA is very well placed to achieve its earlier published payment targets.

Edina has a “can do” attitude, and is very approachable.  Edina has a strong planning culture, effectively embedded a planning process for SPS.  Achievement of the 2006 SPS was extremely challenging, yet she remained calm under what was considerable pressure.

In managing the SPS process and the print and data capture project Edina has built strong working relationships with a diverse range of RPA staff, working across six sites and numerous business areas, together a considerable number of external partners. As Carlisle site head she was very supportive of her peers, regularly offering advice or practical support. She has also provided regularly briefing to Board level.

Michael Small, Senior Contract Manager.

Dee has the ability to cut through the detail and focus on the key operational challenges. Extremely delivery focussed, reliable and straight talking.”  Good Value, High    Integrity, Creative

Narb Mehat Interim PMO Mananger.

“Dee is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills, she is also a very focused, direct & intuitive manager who rapidly cuts through the noise to highlight the real issues. Dee  established an outstanding rapport with managers and was highly respected by the people who work under her supervision.
Narb Mehat”

Hamsin Ltd; Owner Director

Thank you have changed the way I view my business and saved me a fortune this year alone and I’m certain that if we continue working in this way savings will continue year on year.

Paul Pinder, Capita Criminal Records Bureau: CEO

I’m astonished at the difference you’ve made in the productivity and quality at CRB and at the same time reduced overheads and expenditure, bravo.

Vince Gaskell, CRB CEO.

The CRB experienced some difficulties in 2002 as a result of changes to DfES guidelines on the recruitment of teachers Capita responded quickly to these changes by implementing a service improvement plan which included recruiting and training additional staff, extending working hours and workflow modifications. As a direct result, the service began to see improvements within six weeks.

Abbey National General Insurance; Jan Downey, Operations Director.

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